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Required Saftey Equipment on all powerboats in Ohio

Life Jackets (ORC 1547.25)

One wearable device for each person on board PLUS one Type IV throwable device. Any child less than 10 years of age must wear a properly fitted life jacket.

Fire Extinguisher (ORC 1547.27)

One type B-1

Visual Distress Signal (ORC 1547.251)

A distress flag or USCG-approved signal for day use.
Sound Signaling Device (OAC 1501:47 - 2-33)

A whistle, horn, or other device

Anchor & Line (ORC 1547.26 & OAC 1501:47-1-11)


Lights (OAC 1501:47-2)

Running lights as prescribed by federal and state law.  Anchor light displayed when at anchor.

Ventilation of Engine and Fuel Tank Compartments
(ORC 1547.29)


Muffling Device or Underwater Exhaust
(ORC 1547.31)
ORC - Ohio Revised Code Chapter 1547 Watercraft and Waterways
OAC - Ohio Administrative Code